Vera the Vet’s Favorite Zoos

Vera the Vet’s Favorite Zoos

Vera the Vet’s Favorite Zoos

Vera the Vet loves caring for creatures both big and small. Her neverending curiosity and passion for science help her provide patients with the best of care. Vera is always asking questions and striving to learn even more about animals. She knows that a visit to the zoo promises a day filled with adventure and opportunities to expand curious young minds. Here is a list of some of Vera’s favorite zoos.

Safari West

Children and adults embark on a “wild” ride and are instantly transported to the African Serengeti on an unforgettable, multisensory experience. Young animal lovers will be awestruck as monkeys come within inches,craning giraffes brush against their heads, and zebras run wild before their eyes. For families wanting to experience an animal sleepover, the preserve offers overnight stay in luxury tents.

St. Louis Zoo

Enjoy a free day of fun and adventure at the St. Louis Zoo where there are endless opportunities for even the youngest of explorers to learn about hundreds of species of animals, including kangaroos, penguins, and polar bears. Adventure seekers can climb aboard the zoo’s elevated boardwalk and get a treetop view as lemurs and monkeys scamper through mesh tunnels and scale trees in the brand new Primate Canopy Trails exhibit. Dinosaur enthusiasts can stomp and roar through the Emerson Dinoroarus exhibit which features realistic animatronic dinosaurs and a playground where kids can climb and slide.

Audubon Zoo

This unforgettable attraction is a zoo, aquarium, and nature center all in one. Young scientists experience the thrill of traveling through swamplands, jungles, and rainforests while encountering exotic animals at every step along the way. Curious young guests are always encouraged to ask questions and expand their knowledge of alligators, tigers, and leopards during up close feeding encounters. The aquarium’s new Shark Discovery Touchpool encourages budding marine biologists to roll up their sleeves and reach in to touch slimy rays and sharks.

Philadelphia Zoo

America’s oldest zoo offers up endless opportunities for little ones to discover the amazing creatures of all sizes. Stop in the KidZooU family education center, where children learn to groom and feed barnyard friends, design their own animal habitats, and race goats through an interactive climbing tower. Adventurous kiddos may also wish to take part in the “Wings of Asia” bird feeding experience where they can feed beautiful birds food straight from the palms of their hands. A spin on the zoo’s carousel is a great way to end the day.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

A visit to the Columbus Zoo offers curious travelers an adventure around the world. Young quest-seekers will be introduced to sea lions, red pandas, and bears as they journey across seven different regions of the globe. Animal enthusiasts can also experience the thrill of feeding a giraffe or take their own selfie with a resident sloth when adding on one of the zoo’s “Experience” packages.

A trip to the zoo is a road to knowledge, discovery, and fun. There is always something new to discover and explore, no matter how many times you visit the zoo. Like Vera the Vet, don’t forget to observe, ask questions, and explore.