Codie the Coder Doll


What’s more exciting than coding? Nothing, according to our little expert Codie. She grew up in a world driven by technology, and her curiosity helped her to quickly realize code was all around her. It’s in her tablet, her video games and even in her mom’s cell phone. She likes to understand how these little “robots” work together to make things happen. Playing with fun games like mazes and puzzles helps her learn new skills to tell those robots what to do. She would love a new friend to code with her!


  • SPEAKS AND SINGS 75+ PHRASES - Speaks over 75 educational coding-related phrases including fun sound effects and singalong jingles. 
  • MADE w/ REAL GIRL’S VOICE - Made with a Black girl’s voice for authenticity.
  • EDUCATIONAL & STEM LEARNING - Learn about the world of technology and what it means to be an coder starting at an early age.
  • COOL CODER OUTFIT - Codie arrives dressed up in a beautiful tutu, techy soft headphones, hip sneakers and her removable coding -inspired bookbag unzips to store special things.
  • FUN PACKAGING - Arrives in kids’ computer classroom packaging, and inner packaging reflector helps her see herself as a coder.
  • 16' TALL PERFECT FOR AGES 2-5 - Soft doll made for comfort and great size for little learners at 16 inches tall. Easy hand squeeze gets her talking and singingAAA demo batteries are included.