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Surprise Powerz characters are filled with praises that positively encourage your child to learn

Princesses and traditional dolls limit her learning

Walk down the girls' toy aisle across almost every toy store, the lack of math and science - based toy options available to early learning girls is frustrating. Invest in her learning. Your little girl is designed to play with role models who spark her curiosity while helping her reach developmental milestones.

We make toys, but we care most about your little girl reaching her full potential.

Each of our 16-inch-tall dolls speaks over 75 phrases, singalongs and sound effects that engage your blossoming toddlers and preschoolers in the fascinating worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math that surround her. Surprise Powerz dolls are made with a diverse range of real girls' voices, and our Latina doll speaks both English and some Spanish.

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