Fighting Systemic Racism Against Black Girls in STEM

Fighting Systemic Racism Against Black Girls in STEM

Fighting Systemic Racism Against Black Girls in STEM

Racism is—and has been—a reality in the world today. It affects people of color, no matter their age or gender. 

In 2020, the fight for racial equity and social justice became a global movement. Incredibly, so many more people are now speaking up and out against racism. However, there is still work to do.

Some of the loudest anti-racism voices have been companies and employees. Racism and discrimination in the workforce continue to be issues in many career fields, leaving the BIPOC community subject to lower-paying jobs and reduced access to education.

We see this cycle at play when looking at the STEM workforce. There are little to no spaces for Black women in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. As a result, young Black girls do not see women who look like them in their areas of interest they can learn from and admire. Representation matters.

Women make up only 28% of the STEM workforce. Traditionally scientists are male, yet today, we see a breakthrough with the diversity of women in science and other STEM fields.  Surprise Powerz understands that representation creates pathways for change, and we desire to continue affecting change in the area of STEM for underrepresented minorities everywhere, specifically for young girls.

Surprise Powerz is combating this overwhelming lack of representation by creating toys and dolls that will empower girls at a young age to pursue STEM!  Most scientists say children begin to learn and develop interests in STEM around the age of 3. Research shows that the toys girls and boys play with drive their understanding of the world around them and helps them understand themselves. 

With Surprise Powerz dolls, we inspire girls to aspire to be great scientists--to help daughters challenge their perspective of who has traditionally belonged in STEM to a strong belief that all women, regardless of color, belong in the field of science and technology and more!

Making STEM Creative and Fun in Childhood

When it comes to helping Black girls discover their place in the world of STEM, it must start at an early age. 

Here are three ways to fight against systemic racism against Black girls in STEM:

  • Make STEM fun early on with toys! Purchase a Surprise Powerz doll to continue shaping your daughters' worldview and affirming their place in the world and STEM. 
  • Get creative with household items. Paper towel rolls can be binoculars or telescopes; what you can create is endless. Teach your daughter to explore and question everything.
  • Normalize math and science as fun jobs. Watch movies and read books together to introduce your daughters to doctors, scientists, and engineers that look like them.

Taking a stand against systemic racism is not only done in giant steps but also small everyday choices. It's essential to start teaching young Black girls that STEM can be fun, and they can belong in a field that can no longer exclude them and those that look like them.

To learn more about getting Black girls interested in STEM, visit our website for more information.