Top 5 STEM resources for Chicago pre-school girls

Top 5 STEM resources for Chicago pre-school girls

Top 5 STEM resources for Chicago pre-school girls

One of the best ways to inspire more women to engage in STEM is be encouraging girls to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities and programs from an early age.

According to Stanford University, research indicates that the math and science material young children learn by the time they enter kindergarten can have an impact on children’s academic outcomes down the road.

Exposing your preschooler to STEM may seem like a difficult task, but there are many resources, tools, activities, and programs made for young learners.

If you are a parent, guardian, or teacher of a preschool-age girl living in the Chicago area, here are five resources and tools you can use to help your little one engage in STEM. 

While this website allows all children to participate, this organization is especially committed to helping lift up young girls by teaching them how to code in a fun and interactive way. One-hour tutorials take learners through fun games like dance parties, Minecraft, and flappy code. For those who have limited access to the internet, also provides an offline Hour of Code packet with attached instructions on playing coding games.  


Getting your child into a STEM class is a great way to help them learn more about the field while having fun in the process. Upparent is a great resource to find all kinds of STEM programs in the Chicago area, from science labs to coding!

DuPage Children’s Museum Arts & Maker After School

Based in Naperville, Illinois, this virtual program gives children as young as four the tools and inspiration they need to explore art and engineering through building projects, problem-solving, and of course, fun games!

Math Games

Help your young girls start learning arithmetic with MathGames. It’s a simple online platform that includes activities of all different skills, from counting to mixed equations.

The Concord Consortium

This tool is perfect for teachers who want to incorporate more STEM activities into their classrooms. This free STEM resource finder includes games, tips, guides, and other resources for preschoolers.

No matter the resource, know that you are helping your child achieve their dreams every time you introduce them to STEM-related activities.

Toys also play a part in how girls perceive STEM. Surprize Powers has a collection of STEM-inspired dolls, books, and games that empower girls to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and more. Visit our website to purchase your doll today!