Vera the Vet Doll


Vera questions everything! Do you know any little kiddos like that? Vera knows that questioning, discovering, observing, and comparing are key traits of scientists. As a veterinarian, Vera loves animals, and she spends her days caring for them. Vera’s love of science helps all her furry patients stay happy and healthy. She has the purrr-fect job! If you’ve got a pet, call Vera the Vet.


  • SPEAKS AND SINGS 75+ PHRASES - Speaks over 75 educational veterinarian-related phrases including fun sound effects and singalong jingles. 
  • MADE w/ REAL GIRL’S VOICE - Made with a caucasian girl’s voice for authenticity.
  • EDUCATIONAL & STEM LEARNING - Learn about the world of science and what it means to be a vet starting at an early age.
  • VETERINARIAN ATTIRE INCLUDED - Vera wears a removable lab coat that is covered in animals, a pink and silver removable stethoscope, and a tiara.
  • FUN PACKAGING - Arrives in a customized farm and animal packaging, and inner packaging reflector helps her see herself as a vet.
  • 16' TALL PERFECT FOR AGES 2-5 - Soft doll made for comfort and great size for little learners at 16 inches tall. Easy hand squeeze gets her talking and singingAAA demo batteries are included.