Vera The Vet Doll


Vera questions everything! Do you know any little kiddos like that? Vera knows that questioning, discovering, observing, and comparing are key traits of scientists. As a veterinarian, Vera loves animals, and she spends her days caring for them. Vera’s love of science helps all her furry patients stay happy and healthy. She has the purrr-fect job! If you’ve got a pet, call Vera the Vet.


  • SPEAKS AND SINGS 75+ PHRASES - Speaks over 75 educational veterinarian-related phrases including fun sound effects and singalong jingles. 
  • MADE w/ REAL GIRL’S VOICE - Made with a caucasian girl’s voice for authenticity.
  • EDUCATIONAL & STEM LEARNING - Learn about the world of science and what it means to be a vet starting at an early age.
  • VETERINARIAN ATTIRE INCLUDED - Vera wears a removable lab coat that is covered in animals, a pink and silver removable stethoscope, and a tiara.
  • FUN PACKAGING - Arrives in a customized farm and animal packaging, and inner packaging reflector helps her see herself as a vet.
  • 16' TALL PERFECT FOR AGES 2-5 - Soft doll made for comfort and great size for little learners at 16 inches tall. Easy hand squeeze gets her talking and singingAAA demo batteries are included. 

* U.S. Toy Standard tested and approved. Spot clean only; Do not machine wash or soak. We are only shipping within the U.S. at this time. We do not currently offer International shipping. 

*If you would like to purchase more than 10 dolls in one order please contact us and we will set up a custom order for you.

    Becoming a vet means more than loving animals. You’re a doctor!...

    That means observing and asking tons of questions. When engaging with science, young children develop skills they can apply to their everyday lives. Now that’s something to chirp about!

    Gain Questioning, Observing, Describing and Comparing skills