Early Adopter Kindergarten Teachers Participate in New STEM Program

Early Adopter Kindergarten Teachers Participate in New STEM Program

Early Adopter Kindergarten Teachers Participate in New STEM Program

It’s no secret that STEM is a hot topic. Schools, corporations and even presidents have had STEM on their agenda for several decades. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, today women are nearly half of the U.S. workforce. However, women only make up 27% of the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce, and women of color make up less than 10%. How can so many powerful groups be invested in bridging the STEM gender gap, yet we’ve only seen an 8% increase in women STEM workers since 1970?


Surprise Powerz Sponsor A Classroom Program believes that the answer starts in preschool and kindergarten. There is a severe lack of female leader figures that children see in school in their primary years. Research shows that children internalize from a young age what girls and boys look and act like. The leader figures they see drive their understanding, when the STEM leaders that preschool and kindergarten girls see are limited to male leaders, they struggle to see themselves successful in powerful STEM positions. Nurturing a child’s imagination by increasing STEM girl leader representation in classrooms is key to encouraging girls to reach their full potential starting at an early age.


Children may not completely comprehend how diversity and inclusion impacts their lives, but we do. Remember the famous question “What does a scientist look like?” Albert Einstein will subconsciously and continuously surface to the tops of minds all across the country. Einstein was the famous physicist we learned about in school since our primary years. It’s our responsibility to ensure our girls are not limited in the same ways we were. The following are common myths surrounding early learning girls and education:


  1. Girls aren't really interested in STEM, it's more for boys
  2. Preschool and kindergarten girls are too young to comprehend STEM
  3. The underrepresentation of STEM female leaders shown in school does not impact a girl’s confidence, and belief as to what she can be successful at


Fortunately, Sponsor A Classroom is working to combat these myths and is bridging the STEM gender gap for girls starting in preschool and kindergarten by:


  1. Introducing STEM girl leader figures to schools, starting in early learning classrooms
  2. Acknowledging what authentic representation looks and sounds like
  3. Showing children STEM girl leaders that are breaking barriers, solving problems and having fun doing it, even in their classrooms


Preschool and kindergarten teachers can receive 100% sponsored (FREE) STEM-inspired girl leader figures (dolls) for their classrooms by signing up through our website surprisepowerz.com! If you are an individual or organization interested in sponsoring a classroom, visit us today to make a contribution, even $5 makes a difference.